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the elephant - © emanuele_meschini_-4.jpg

"In the spongy wrinkles,

in the long tapering ivory teeth,

in the large pneumatic paws,

in the small eyes and the mighty barbs,

in the brutal and delicate gait,

in its archaic being [habitant],

in its obvious limitations and in its extra-ordinary gifts.


We are,

Elephants in language, of an absent 'contemporary'.

Elephants in hearing, sounds from afar.

Clumsy elephants, on instruments that are too small.

Elephants, of Earth and Sea,

we inhabit sound like ancient creatures."

GABRIELE MITELLI // piccolo trumpet, voice, electronics

PASQUALE MIRRA // vibraphone, voice, electronics

CRISTIANO CALCAGNILE // drums, percussion, voice

The Elephant was founded in 2017.
The band did an artistic residency at the Ground Music Festival (Brescia) with the filmmaker collective Unzalab.

Together they realise "Ver": a live performance of expanded cinema during which musicians and filmmakers between dialogue and improvisation lead the audience on a journey through space to discover fantastic new worlds.
In November of the same year, selected by Enrico Bettinello, they participated in the Venice Biennale in the French Pavilion, inside the Opera set up by Xavier Veilhan. The pavilion was transformed into a large sound box in which the band played for three days using a multitude of acoustic instruments and synthesisers.
The band performed in several Italian clubs as a trio and with The Elephant Plus, hosting incredible musicians like: Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, Alexander Hawkins, Danilo Gallo, Chad Taylor and many others.
They recorded their first album in 2023 in Reggio Calabria, published by Original Culture Records
, with contributions from Rob Mazurek and Damon Locks.

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